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We take pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our patients.

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I flew in from LA, on a three-day visit to see my sons swim meet. During the flight, I started to experience severe pain in my lower back, leg, and foot. We arrived early Friday morning and by the time we pulled into our hotel the pain was excruciating, I could barely walk. My wife called several doctors in the area with a standard response - we can see you in two to three weeks.
I don't believe they were even listening to our situation. My wife came across Orient Heights Chiropractor - her call was answered by a very attentive and caring woman, Brenda. Brenda went out of her way to fit us in to the doctor's busy schedule. We met with Dr. Matthew J Mallen, the doctor was also very attentive and caring, he quickly diagnosed my issue, and with the limited time, we had Dr. Mallen made several adjustments and gave me a few recommendations to help with the pain. The next morning my pain was mostly under control and I had very little issues with movement. As a testament to Dr. Mallen's dedication, he called us the next day, Saturday morning (his day off) and offered to open the office and do more adjustments.

My only regret is that Dr. Mallen and Brenda are in Boston and I'm in Los Angeles. ”

Paul S.

“ Dr. Mallen is excellent! Very knowledgeable and very precise. I came in with horrible lower back pain and after several sessions of alignment, he was able to restore my back. He offered suggestions for stretching and provided a reusable ice/heat gel pack for the pain to assist during the treatment process. My back has not felt this good in a long time. If you are experiencing any type of back issues I would recommend Dr. Mallen 1000%.​​​​​​​”

Cindy A.

I went to see Dr. Mallen for my lower back due to sciatic nerve pain when I was pregnant. He made some adjustments on my lower back which improved my lower extremity and relieved my lower back pains. I would recommend him to anyone! "

Riza B.

“ Dr. Mallen is amazing. Very good Chiropractor and also very knowledgable in History. During each visit, I learn a lot about Anatomy of the human body and also about other historical events. He is very friendly, not all Doctors talk you through everything. I love going here! Also, Kristen [Receptionist] is awesome ;)​​​​​​​ ”

Penny F.

“ I've been seeing Dr. Mallen for over a year and he truly has that touch to put my hips back in line. Beyond aligning me after heavy workouts the advice on supplements and life are always helpful and appreciated. If you need a good cracking, give him a call.

Emily O.

“ Dr. Mallen and staff are back pain is improving daily I'm so thankful finding this practice! ”

Josephine I.

“ Orient Heights Chiropractor is the best chiropractor office in East Boston. Dr. Mallen is very accountable and dedicated to his trade. He is always very informative during treatment. I am on my 10th month after a really bad car accident. Never been pressured to end treatment. ”

Marcella C.

“ Dr. Mallen is just wonderful. I have been seeing him for the last 10 years. He helped me and continues to help me with my back issues. Whenever I push myself beyond my back abilities, I go to see him and he fixes me up in a matter of a visit or two.
I will always continue coming back. ”


“ My family and I have been going to Dr. Mallen for years. He is an excellent chiropractor and is always involved in the East Boston Community. I have been experiencing pretty bad lower back pain recently, which made sitting and bending uncomfortable. I had been treated on 2 separate occasions by physical therapists with each time treatment lasting several months. This time I could not let the pain continue any longer and decided to call Dr. Mallen. Just as he always has he relieved my pain after just one visit! After my second visit today my back feels much better and my discomfort has drastically decreased. It's always a pleasure to see Dr. Mallen and can always rely on him for quick and thorough treatments! I highly recommend him. ”

Michael S.

“ Dr. Mallen is amazing - and the staff extremely helpful. I have gone here for several years. I moved to the area from NYC where I had a fantastic chiropractor so I purposely looked for a Gonstead method practitioner. Dr. Mallen only adjusts what is helpful, after analyzing your situation and re-checking at each visit. I feel I'm in excellent hands and also, he takes the time to discuss my situation and has been helpful with advice over the phone, whenever I've needed it. I've learned much about what to do to take care of myself thanks to him. A person who is really committed to his patients! ”

Scarlet R.

“ Awesome Doctor. Fixed me right up in no time. I was in extreme pain due to my back. He checked me out completely...I got pain relief after the first visit and doing great just after a few visits....could not ask for a better experience. Highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.​​​​​​​ ”


“ I first met Dr. Mallen about a decade ago. I was seeking a doctor that practiced the Gonstead method of chiropractic care. I feel it is more precise, less painful and most effective. At the time, it was monthly maintenance and Dr. Mallen was referred to me by another doctor. A few years later, I took a bad fall onto a wet marble floor and after extensive rehab and surgery, I sought Dr. Mallen's assistance once again.

He is professional, courteous and more capable than any other chiropractic doctor that has ever treated me. He finds the problem immediately, he takes great care in his adjustments, I always feel better when leaving his office. He has made my life liveable!! Dr. Mallen continues to treat me for shoulder pain (due to a ripped labrum, rotor cuff, and biceps), chronic sciatica pain caused by ripping my Maximus gluteus and the subsequent scar tissue around sciatica and I can honestly say, without his care, I would be bedridden most days! Thank you, Dr. Mallen, for your great chiropractic care, I wouldn't see anyone but you! ”

Debbie D.

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